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    Lionergy international logistics is a first-class freight forwarding company registered andapproved by State administration for Industry and Commerce, with the NVOCC qualificationcertificates (certificates no: SMTC-NV01119) and the record of NVOCC registered by theMinistry of Transport. It’s headquarter is located in Shanghai. The branch office andindependent subsidiaries have been set up in Ningbo, Shenzhen, Hongkong, covering allparts of the country. Shipping business covers the all over the world, including Europe, theMediterranean, North America, Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, India andPakistan, Southeast Asia routes.

    At the same time, it cooperates closely with domestic and foreign airlines CA, MU, KA, KL, CV, TG, WH, SQ air cargo to fly directly to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia,
    Australia. The Central Asian Railway also crosses the Eurasian continent with timeliness. The company has freight forwarding, professional submission, container yard, truck fleet and warehouse
    Storage, logistics management and other service functions.

    The business scope of the company: to undertake international cargo transportation agency bysea and air, including cargo collection, booking, consignment, warehousing, packaging, containerunpacking, distribution and transfer and related short-haul transportation; Submission,inspection and insurance; International exhibits, private goods and transit goods agents;Consulting business and other international freight forwarding business and integrated logisticsbusiness. The company will give full play to its overall advantages, face the domestic andoverseas markets, and continue to expand its business. Through the implementation of thestrategy of large-scale operation, functional diversification and internationalization, it willgradually build a comprehensive logistics company with large scale, strong strength, completefunctions, and competitive advantages in the market, Strive to be a comprehensive logisticscompany matching the international shipping center. Play and contribute to the "the Belt andRoad" construction advocated by the country

    Lionergy international logistics(Shanghai)
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